Not another Zara’s Website Redesign project

Project Overview

Tasks I took care of

The software I used

The design process

Discovering what’s going on out there, and how the users feel

Zara competitor's Websites succeed because of their easy navigation

H&M’s Website, with plenty of help (filters) for the users to find what they want. H&M is also a prime example of a direct competitor.

Users get frustrated because the Website doesn’t help them to find what they are looking for

Conducting a Usability Testing with Paola on the current Website. A Usability Testing is when you test a product with a user to find what’s working and what isn’t.
Affinity Mapping is a technique used to organize ideas or insights. Here the post-its are interview insights.

Defining the user’s problem

Who is our “user”? Well, meet Casey!

A Persona is a fictional character based on research that reflects different users that would use a product.

The problem begins when Casey has to look up items

An Experience Map is a visualization of an experience that a user goes through with a product to accomplish a goal.

Casey’s Problem Statement

Putting our ideas on paper, we defined the concepts that would help Casey

A Design Studio is a technique where each of the participants tried to come up with possible solutions for a problem, by illustrating their ideas.

We updated the Website’s structured to match with what users want: ease of use

A Site Map is a representation of the website’s skeleton (the pages within.)
The User Flow is a representation of the actions and screens that the user would take and see to accomplished a goal.

Developing the new Website

While designing the Website, users found the experience to be complex and aesthetically disjointed

Iterations on the Product List Page.
Iterations on the Checkout Payment Page.
Iterations on the Checkout Summary Page.
Responsive Design on an iPad Pro 11", a MacBook Pro 16", and an iPhone 11 Max Pro.

Delivering the improved Zara Website

Home Page (Global Navigation open), Product List Page (Filters open), Individual Product Page, Shopping Bag Page, Checkout (Sign In / Guest) Page, Checkout Shipping Page, Checkout Payment Page and Order Confirmation Page.


What’s next for this project?

Was the feedback good?

The wonderful lesson I’m taking from this project




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