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Project Overview

Hello there, welcome to this project’s Case Study! In this opportunity, I am going to tell you about an awesome time where my team and I decided to redesign Zara’s Website.

After completing my training on General Assembly as a UX/UI Designer, I wanted to further develop my skills and did so by getting together with ex-colleagues from the course to address the struggles users were experiencing on Zara’s Website. In a group of 3, for 3 weeks, we wanted to:

  • Research in-depth what the users were struggling with,
  • Redesign the…

Implementing new features for We and AI’s Website

Project Overview

For our last project at General Assembly UX Design Immersive, we worked in groups of 3 with clients. Our group was assigned the client We and AI, an organisation dedicated to increase public awareness and understanding of AI issues in the UK, with an ambassador system made of volunteers.

Because they are a new organisation, with no funding at the moment, they want to engage with the public with the topic of Racial Bias in AI, as is becoming increasingly important.

My role in this team

  • Lead team and assign tasks.
  • Create scripts for Survey and User Interviews.
  • Manage and present Competitive and User Research.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of table service? Then use this App

The Brief

While at the General Assembly UX Design Immersive, we had a group conceptual project assigned, where our group (4 members) was tasked (in 2 weeks) to design a conceptual mobile App for Byron Burgers.

The tasks I took care of

  • Represent User Research into Affinity Mapping, Persona and Empathy Map.
  • Conduct Usability Testing.
  • Take care of layout and spacing of elements in the wireframes.
  • Move the wireframes into high-fidelity and create the Style Guide.

The software we used

  • Figma, for UX and UI design.
  • Trello, for tasks/time management.
  • Miro and Zoom, to share information and interact with the team.
  • Google Forms and Sheets, to research and manage information.
  • Google Slides…

Conceptual reskin project for a Charity Website


While at the General Assembly UX Design Immersive, I got the opportunity to work on a reskin project for The Music Therapy Charity (MTC) website. In the time span of 1 week, we worked alone but shared our progress to exchange feedback. The deliverables giving where:

  • Rebranding the charity.
  • Redesign of the website.
  • Responsive design with a mobile-first approach.

Before we jump ahead on the design process, the MTC is a UK based charity that supports the research into the impact of music therapy and music therapy services.

What I had to implement and create

  • Competitive Research.
  • Brand Personality, Values and Affinities.
  • Mind Map.
  • Mood Boards, Visual…

Visual design project for a Gardeners Community App

Project brief

During the General Assembly UX Design Immersive, I had a project focused on visual design. I was giving Buddy, a conceptual app for a community of gardeners that would allow them to read and post information about plants. In the 1 week, applying a user-centred design process, I had to come up with:

  • A rebrand for Buddy.
  • 4 high-fidelity wireframes.

What I had to do

  • Competitive and User Research.
  • Mind Map.
  • Brand Personality, Values and Affinities.
  • Mood Boards and Visual Identity.
  • Wireframes and Usability Testing.

The software I used

  • Sketch, for UX and UI design.
  • Miro and Zoom, to exchange feedback and present work.

Starting the design process

For this project, I applied…

Actually implementing what user’s want in a toy shop website

Project Overview

While at the General Assembly UX Design course, I was tasked to design a conceptual e-commerce website prototype of mid-fidelity, for a toy shop. In the time span of 2 weeks.

The first few days, we worked in groups so that we could share our interview insights and knowledge acquired of toy shops in general. And the rest of the first and second week, I worked solo and focused on representing the user’s problem and designing a prototype to solve them.

Techniques I applied

  • Competitive and User Research.
  • Card Sorting and Persona.
  • Site Map and User Flow.
  • Wireframes and Prototype.
  • Usability testing.

The software I used

  • Sketch…

A conceptual recipe creator where a real person becomes the persona

The brief

The app was part of the first project at the General Assembly UX Design Immersive. I was tasked to design a conceptual mobile app prototype to attend and solve a specific problem of an assigned classmate, in 1 week.

The techniques I applied

  • User Interviews and Experience Map.
  • Problem Statement and Outcome and Storyboard.
  • User flow and Wireframes.
  • Prototypes and Usability Testing.

The software I used

  • Good old pen and paper.
  • Marvel App and Zoom, to build the prototype and test it out.
  • Canva, to present my work.

Entering the design process

My assigned partner was Fina Khalil. And the first thing I had to do was:

Understanding who Fina Khalil is

I had the pleasure of…

Carlos Arellano

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m a 21 y.r. UX/UI Designer living in London. I’m trying to start my career to work with an amazing team and in awesome projects!

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